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Meaningful Mentorship
For Women By Women

Mentor Maven is a Vancouver based start-up incubator company with big goals. In the challenging and fiercely competitive world of startups, Mentor Maven’s goal is to give fashion start up founders access to savvy, experienced and successful mentors in the fashion world.


Get The Advice You Need From Women Who Have Been In Your Shoes.

We think that all startups should be given the same opportunities to get the right guidance from mentors who have been in their shoes. Our roster of mentors have been carefully selected based on their career achievements, desire to give back, and know-how to guide founders.

Be On Top Of The Newest Insights In The Fashion Industry

Mentor Maven is driven by passion for fashion  and seeing others succeed.  We measure our success by seeing start up founders succeed. In an industry that rarely opens up and shares trade secrets, Mentor Maven stands out as a platform that seeks to help you find the best mentors and eliminate the guess work on  all aspects  of launching your fashion start up.

Turn That Idea Into Reality

Whether it be someone to pitch your idea, or insider contacts for manufacturers, Mentor Maven is here to guide you on your motivational journey.

Can This Work?

Explore your idea with your mentor and take your idea further.